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The Rankin Group specialises in the breeding, raising, registering and selling of Boran cattle in South Africa. With our extensive research and considerable experience in the field of in-vitro fertilisation ("IVF"), we are undoubtedly a leader when it comes to breeding Boran cattle in South Africa.
About the Boran Breed
    The Boran breed is still a young stud herd in South Africa and cattle genetics are limited. This results in prices on good genetics being very favourable. The cross-breeding abilities of the Boran breed is especially beneficial as a result of the increased hybrid vigour which increases the growth and meat capacity on cattle. The Boran breed is a highly desirable breed due to the fact that Boran cross-bred females will be the foundation mother cow of the future, following from these characteristics:
  • Its longevity
  • High fertility
  • Excellent milk quality
  • Well-formed udders with perfect teats
  • Strong mother instinct to protect and care for calves against predators
  • Its natural resistance to tick-borne diseases and ticks
  • Highly adaptable to all areas and weather conditions
  • It is a non-selective grazer and has the ability to produce high quality meat from poor grassing
The Rankin Group is in a unique position in South Africa as we produce embryos on one of our quarantined farms close to Derby. Our specialised IVF facility was built according to specifications specified by Invitro Brazil, one of the best in-vitro fertilisation companies in the world, with whom the Rankin Group has entered into an exclusive agreement.

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