Cross Breeding

In the short time that The Rankin Group has been involved with the Boran breed, we’ve experienced significant characteristics that prove the capability of cross-breeding with any type of cattle. There are a few reasons for this:

  • There is an unexplained hybrid vigour with any type of cattle especially on animals that are more Zebu types for example Nguni, Afrikaner, Brahman, Simbra’s and Brangus.
  • On the cross-bred animals we have an increase of between 15% and 25% heteroses.
  • We also find that these females can be used successfully as a breeding cow that could be used as a three way cross for the feedlot market.
  • These cows are extremely adaptable to different conditions and diseases.
  • They also have an excellent motherly instinct to protect their calves at all times and have  the ability to conceive under harsh conditions while their calves are still suckling.
  • The calves have the ability to grow at a tremendous rate on bad pastures and when weaned could go in a back grounding phase or directly into the feedlot.
  • In both cases the calves perform extremely well as seen in the following results.

We have had many compliments from farmers:

  • “My Co-Op account has fallen drastically, since my Boran breed F1 females have  come into play”
  • “I can’t believe how they keep condition through our tough winters”
  • “It is unbelievable how they have no blue tics on them”
  • “It’s the first animal I bring on to my farm and not give heart water and they survive”