About Us

Our Vision

To establish a profitable and extensive farming unit that produces top quality Boran cattle and embryos for the South African Stud Book and the export market.

This business unit must interact with its immediate environment (community, employees, industry, etc.) in a way that is beneficial and uplifting, especially expanding the Boran breed to all corners of Africa to uplift and improve the commercial cattle industry.

Our Mission

The Rankin Group will establish a turnkey Boran herd of breeding stock that produces top quality bulls, cows and embryos. We will provide good working conditions and focus on the development and training of our valued staff members.

The Rankin Group also offers to work in partnership with South African veterinaries to build a specialised in-vitro fertilisation company.

Our Goals

At The Rankin Group we have a number of specific goals that we actively work towards achieving in the very near future:

  • Align with the goals of SA Boran Studbook to increase cattle numbers.
  • Develop the land to function as a profitable and sustainable farming business.
  • Build a Quarantine IVF Lab to produce embryos for the local and export markets.
  • Create employment opportunities and educate employees in South Africa.
  • Work in partnership with the government and local farmers to assist in the development of the cattle farming industry in South Africa and abroad.
  • To give the communal farmer the opportunity to have access to the Boran breed to improve their indigenous cattle herds.
  • To get involved in various farming industries throughout the world.